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Fax Software Total Fax

Fax Software

The ability to communicate with important contacts is critical to any business, home office, or home PC, regardless of size. Fax Software communications forms a critical component for many businesses wanting to communicate with their important audiences. For a small business, managing multiple fax lists containing hundreds of fax contacts can be a daunting task.

With our easy to use Fax Software small businesses or home office now have the ability to manage their group faxing functions and fax contact lists with ease. Total Fax, Fax Software brings full broadcast fax capabilities, regardless of size. Our Fax Software program allows users to manage multiple group fax lists and contacts, and enables users to broadcast faxes to an unlimited number of recipients.

Our NEW Fax server software allows you to send and receive faxes in a corporate network environment, using only 1 phone line. Add the power of sending faxes from each desktop without having to install additional fax lines and modems to your office now! State-of-the art TCP/IP means you can send faxes using Network SuperFax 7.0 from anywhere on your network, even from home when you are logged on to your corporate network!

Total Fax Features:

Fax Software Only fax software company to offer toll free support
Fax Software Supports Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003 XP, and Vista
Fax Software Network Fax server software.
Fax Software Fax directly from any Windows application.
Fax Software Receives a fax automatically.
Fax Software Fax software scanner support.
Fax Software Fax Software Scheduler
Fax Software Broadcast faxes to any size group.
Fax Software Supports all standard data/fax modems.
Fax Software Built-in phonebook.
Fax Software Interface with Outlook Database .
Fax Software Forward faxes to email address.
Fax Software Broadcast fax to unlimited recipients.
Fax Software Import from most common formats.
Fax Software Affordible low price.

All you need to use our Fax Software ia a telephone line and 56K/fax modem in your computer. Don't forget to call our support line toll free for pre sales information or support!

Set-up is easy, simply run the Total Fax Software installation program and immediately start creating, sending and receiving faxes from your pc. Total Fax is a simple yet reliable fax software program. It has been used by millions of satisfied users on every imaginable combination of hardware and software.

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